Since I am not a native English speaker sometimes it can be hard for me to write English lyrics, there’s always a doubt if everything is correct. I need to be sure so it is great to have an American songwriter to check. It’s not only about correction…Adam cares a lot. He also helps you to find the right expressions. I have sent him my lyrics since over a year now. It’s one thing to just give the lyrics to proof it, but it’s nice to be able to ask specific questions. Thanks as always!”

Antò Nio

“I did not know rhymes and vowels could work in broader sense until Adam showed me. It worked magic after he made some adjustment. I was so encouraged by his sincere and hearty proof read and by this experience. I have written this song few years ago and only now see that such a waste by not turning it into recording.”


“I’m having my first official CD coming out. English is not my first language so it was very important to me to get all mistakes out of the booklet, before it would be printed. Adam reviewed my whole album and sent me the corrections. He was very quick and he corrected all my mistakes. I’m very glad to know a native speaker who’s into songwriting. When I’m writing new songs I give them to Adam before I record them, so he can check if the words and grammar I use have the same meaning as I want them to.”

Carmina Reyes

As a non-native speaker who writes songs in english it’s always an extra challenge to express myself in the way I want. So someone who is himself a songwriter and native speaker comes in more than handy. It’s important to me that someone double-checks what I wrote with not just an expertise in English language but also who is also an experienced songwriter and has an ear for the subtleties of putting words to music. With that said, Adam is a phenomenal partner to work with who’s never short of ideas to improve your work. It’s always exciting to find out whether or not your creative piece of work is linguistically bullet-proof and if not what to do to make it stand up to the ear of an international public. Achieving this is ecstatic. I highly recommend Adam, for he never is getting in the way of your creative flow and knows very well when to let something be and when to suggest corrections.

Manu Stübinger

Working with Adam is inspiring. He got the point of my lyrics very fast. When suggesting alternative words or sentences he always kept the original meaning in mind and that made it really easy for us to work together. I always work with few language consultants at the same time and Adam is on my ‘for sure’ team and I highly recommend working with him no matter how long you have been writing.

Elad Jacob

I am thankful for every critique and suggestion of improvement because I don’t want to just sing in English and have my lyrics checked, but it is important for me to learn more about the language and be able play around with it. It has always been clear to me that I wanted to write my songs in English and everytime there is a new challenge. In Adam, I found someone who can explain everything in a simple and understandable way. He is very knowledgeable and helps me to find the right words for what I want to say or to express. It is quite conventient that he also speaks German:) He is very passionate and always gives me new inspiriation and encouragement. Thank you Adam!

Angie Lang

Clearly you are some kind of musical mentoring genius, Mr. Sweeney!

-Russel Deeks | Editor of

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